Sharing and Preserving the Music of the Hotlands of Southwestern Mexico

From left: Tina Pilione, Juan Reynoso, Ruth Einstein, Hugo Reynoso, Paul Anastasio

Paul Anastasio and Tina Pilione, along with Elena DeLisle and Juan Manuel Barco, perform and teach the achingly beautiful music of Mexico’s region known as Tierra Caliente. They are available for teaching engagements such as University artist in residency programs and music camps, as well as for performing venues featuring traditional ethnic music.

Paul and Tina formerly performed as Los Gringos Calentanos and recorded two CDs in 2008 and 2009 (available at Sterling Productions Louisiana).

Los-Gringos-Calentanos-album-photo-Tina-Paul Tina Pilione and Paul Anastasio

El Leon De La Montana

From left: Juan Reynoso, David Tobin, and Paul Anastasio

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